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Distributed Web Platform

Investing smartly with AI

Get started with automated investing by creating your own trading model on FIREFLY platform. Take advantage of our advanced market analysis provided by machine learning algorithms on the distributed network of workers and use multiple investment categories such as STOCKS, CRYPTOCURRENCIES, CURRENCIES, COMMODITIES, and INDICES.

Back-test your model on real historical data to make sure your model is ready for making profits. Developed using MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js and Python.

Web Application

Selling With Our eCommerce Solutions

We develop, set-up and administered numerous custom tailored e-commerce solutions featuring stylish designs, automatic email reports, connections to Google E-commerce and Addwords, Facebook Analytics, Mailbird Newsletter and much more. Codebase developed using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, and the PHP CodeIgniter framework.

Web Application


DOCMAN is an app that provides an interface through which users can customize their documentation and automate away the purely manual tasks. Appending the stylish GUI is an API through which on event automated reports can be created. The codebase was developed using the Java Spring, Docx4j, and MaterializeCSS frameworks.

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Web Application


We were a part of an open source project building a web platform for comparing courses across different universities using AI. Frontend was developed in Angular and backend in Python Dajngo with PostgreSQL and Gensim library.

This is a project at a joint course of the University of Zagreb, Politecnico di Milano, and Malardalen University and it got to the semi-finals of the SCORE contest.